Sessions offered in studio at 75 S. Broadway, Suite 417 White Plains, NY 10601 or in-home within 15 miles of our office (Westchester County, only). For IN-HOME massages, all equipment will be supplied by your LMT. Please be advised that any parking fees or tolls will be added to your total fee. 


Payment accepted in form of cash, credit or debit card with Square, Venmo or Zelle. You may also pay contact-free by clicking “Pay for Appointment” in your confirmation and reminder emails. A valid credit card is required when booking your appointment. Appointments cannot be held or booked without a card on file.


Please make your therapist aware of any stairs/elevators or details to the space prior to your session, as well as providing a space of 10×10 for the table and therapist to fit comfortably, preferably on the first floor of your home. 


All first-time clients must receive their first session at the White Plains office. Please review our Cancellation Policy.

*Prices are non-negotiable


HH Signature Massage

A combination therapy using essential oils, a warming lotion or cooling gel, cupping, hot towels and the warming Eco-friendly paraffin hand and foot treatment with a 10 minute scalp massage.

100 min: $280



Calming and soothing superficial touch enable feelings of relaxation, improved circulation and overall sense of well-being.

30 min: $95    |    60 min: $125    |    90 min: $155


30 min: $145    |    60 min: $175    |    90 min: $205



Whether you’re expecting or have recently given birth, massage is an instrumental component in relieving your changing (and growing!) body. This massage is perfect for gestating persons in their second trimester through the first three months after birth, geared towards reducing anxiety surrounding birth and caring for a newborn, relieving joint pain and muscle aches. A customized massage for the birthing parent.

30 min: $100    |    60 min: $145    |    90 min: $170


30 min: $150    |    60 min: $195    |    90 min: $220



Advanced techniques specific to clients who are post-op, living with chronic illness or disability. 

 60 min: $150    |    90 min: $195


 60 min: $200   |    90 min: $245


Induction Massage

Client must be at least 37 weeks pregnant. A customized prenatal massage with a curated blend of induction essential oils, acupressure points, reiki to encourage labor and reflexology.

90 min: $190


90 min: $240


Lymphatic Drainage 

A gentle massage that is safe for all. This modality resembles Swedish, with light heart-ward motions, in an effort to drain excess fluid from extremities and injured areas. Increased lymph flow is closely related to positive immune responses. Especially helpful postpartum or post surgery.

30 min: $95    |    60 min: $135   |     90 min: $160


30 min: $145    |    60 min: $185    |    90 min: $205


Deep Tissue

Have knots, tension or tight muscles, or simply enjoy strong pressure? Deep tissue is for you! Long, firm strokes flush toxins and metabolic wastes from your muscle tissue, while lengthening and relaxing tight, overused muscles. Additionally, the use of direct targeted pressure help to release knots and trigger points.

30 min: $100    |    60 min: $145    |    90 min: $170


30 min: $150    |    60 min: $195   |    90 min: $220


Sports Massage

A combination of deep tissue, stretching, NMT and active release techniques to provide muscular tension relief caused by training or pre/post event. Great for marathon runners and athletes!

30 min: $100    |    60 min: $150   |     90 min: $175


30 min: $150    |    60 min: $200    |    90 min: $225



Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) this acupressure massage to hands or feet focuses on specific points correlating to different organs or areas of the body, promoting optimal balance.

15 min: $40    |    30 min: $70    |     60 min: $135


30 min: $90    |    60 min: $120    |    90 min: $185



A massage for your baby! This session can be customized in 2 ways:

  1. Have an LMT massage your baby with you present.

  2. With coaching and guidance, you can learn to massage your little one and create a soothing, nurturing bonding routine.

30 min (Infant Massage): $70  |  30 min (Instruction): $100

30 min (Infant Massage): $120 |  30 min (Instruction): $150