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procedures + protocols

Owner of HH, Emily Harding, is fully vaccinated, having received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine in January and February, and booster doses in September 2021, May 2022 & September 2022.. She is currently working in KN95 masks for clients safety and protection.

 All clients must be fully vaccinated at time of booking.


Masks are required for all clients over the age of 24 months/2 years. HH requires a minimum of a surgical grade mask to be worn securely over both the nose and mouth for the entire duration of your treatment, including while face down on the massage table.


Screening prior to appointment start time. When booking online, you will be prompted to fill out our virtual intake form which includes prompts regarding known covid exposures, signs or symptoms or preventing the spread of any potentially contagious illness. If you are sick or suspect you are sick in any way, or if you have knowingly or have potentially been exposed, do not come in.

Sanitization All equipment and high touch surfaces are sanitized with disinfectant solution, Clorox wipes and hospital grade Sani-Cloths (which require the use of gloves - these wipes are heavy duty!). Linens are washed (and dried) on the hottest available settings for the longest duration with color safe bleach.

Social Distancing Clients have been spaced out by a minimum of 15 minutes to ensure there is both time to adequately disinfect the space, as well as prevent overlap which could result in potential exposure.

Illness If you are sick or suspect you are sick in any way you must cancel your appointment and cannot receive bodywork. If you are knowingly exposed to covid you may not receive bodywork. If you have been exposed and received bodywork around that time, you must notify HH promptly to assess risk of exposure to themselves and other clients. The cancellation & rescheduling policy is still enforced for appointments canceled or rescheduled within 48 hours of session start time.

Vaccination All clients of Harding Hatchling's Birthwork & Bodywork must be fully vaccinated for Covid-19.

If you have further questions about the COVID-19 protocols please reach out to by email with the subject line “covid procedures”. 

community health is community care

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