Please carefully note our 24 and 48 hour cancellation policies. Since we reserve the time for your appointment, no-shows and appointments canceled within 24 hours of the appointment start time for all in-office sessions and 48 hours of the appointment start time for all in-home (outcall) sessions will be charged full price, as listed on the website. 

-A 24 hour cancellation policy is strictly enforced for all sessions and appointments booked and conducted at the White Plains studio. 


-A 48 hour cancellation policy is strictly enforced for all sessions and appointments booked and conducted outside of the White Plains studio, these sessions are referred to as in-home or outcall sessions. 


If you are in labor and need to cancel within 24 hours of the in-office appointment start time or 48 hours of the in-home appointment start time, you will still be charged the full cancellation fee. However, you will be issued a physical gift certificate for an postpartum massage to be used within 13 weeks post delivery, guaranteeing bodywork during the 4th trimester. 



Harding Hatchlings, LLC reserves the right to collect valid credit card information to ensure payment in order to secure and hold an appointment time. Appointments cannot be held or reserved without valid card info on file, including clients with gift certificates. Appointments cannot be held with a gift certificate alone. 

*It is the responsibility of the client to ensure they are on time and present for their appointments. While our scheduling system automatically sends confirmation and reminder emails (at 48 hours prior to session start time, 24 hours prior, and again 1 hour before the session begins) HH is not responsible for emails that go to spam - clients must make note of the sessions they book and are responsible for the time scheduled. The cancellation fee will not be waived. *


If you or anyone in your home is sick or suspects they are sick in any way, your appointment must be rescheduled. Clients who come to their scheduled appointments presenting any signs or symptoms of potentially contagious illnesses will be charged in full and sent home with their appointment cancelled.