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Because HH reserves the time for your appointment, no-call no-shows and appointments canceled/rescheduled within 48 hours or less of the session start time will be charged the full price, as listed on the website.

- The 48 Hour Cancellation Policy is strictly enforced for all sessions and appointments. This includes massage, reiki, lactation counseling, hypnosis, and postpartum doula shifts. The full fee for the scheduled appointment will be due unless the time slot is booked to its entirety by another client. Requests to shorten the length of any appointment within 48 hours of session start time is considered a late cancellation and the full fee for the original appointment will be due.

- The 48 Hour Rescheduling Policy is strictly enforced for all sessions and appointments. Sessions may be rescheduled up to 48 hours or more before session start time. Rescheduling requests received within 48 hours or less of session start time are considered late cancellations and the full fee will be due unless the time slot is booked to its entirety by another client. Repeat rescheduling of a single appointment is not permitted.

While cancellation and rescheduling fees were waived due to both suspected and confirmed illness from February 2020 - December 2023, HH is no longer able to extend this courtesy, effective January 1, 2024.


If you are in labor and need to cancel within 48 hours or less of the appointment start time you will still be charged the full cancellation fee. However, you will be issued a credit for a 60 minute in-office postpartum massage to be used within 13 weeks post delivery, guaranteeing bodywork during the 4th trimester.


If you or anyone in your home is sick or suspects they are sick in any way, you may not come in. 

*While the scheduling system automatically sends confirmation and reminder emails, HH is not responsible for emails that go to spam. The cancellation fee will not be waived. *

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