A Massage of Ice & Fire                           120 min | $250

Enjoy this luxurious 2 hour Icelandic inspired treatment, combining the concept of the country’s warm thermal baths, volcanic activity, and icy glacial falls. The application of hot and cold applications causes rapid vasoconstriction and vasodilation, enhancing the body’s natural circulatory functions, and encourages rapid healing. 

  • 90 min Deep Tissue Massage 

  • Eco Fin Hand & Foot treatment with warm mitts and booties 

  • hot packs/hot towels (waiting time hear back about hydrocollators at office per lease)

  • Cold marble stones

  • Cool CBD spritz 

  • Warming, CBD infused massage cream

  • 30 minute Icelandic Lava Foot Scrub and hydrating balm with hot towels 

*Session contraindicated for clients: who have a history of Reynauds Syndrome/phenomenon, That experience sensitivities to cold, Are currently pregnant or nursing, Who are allergic or have sensitivities to cinnamon and/or menthol

DRY BRUSH MASSAGE                                   90 min | $185

A 90 minute Swedish massage, combining the use of hot towels and dry brushing. Dry brushing (also known as Body Brushing) increases lymph flow, and manually exfoliates the skin. It works best when combined with moist heat. 

Clients will be brushed in light, circular motions towards the heart. Over time, the effects should be a smoother, more even skin appearance, and positive immune and lymph response’s. 

*Each client will receive a brand new dry brush for their treatment, then will take it home at the end of their service, and encouraged to self body brush each 3-5 times a week before bathing. *Please bring the brush with you to subsequent dry brushing sessions!**

*Not suited for clients with skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema