Support Packages

Text Support


If additional support is needed after our doula contract ends, or if you have just a few questions that doesn’t require in-person support, a virtual text support option may be purchased a la carte at a rate of $30/day or $170/week. Support available, pending availability, between the hours of 7 am - 7 pm.

Postpartum Support: $40/hr

A postpartum doula provides support during the initial 12 weeks following the birth of your newborn(s). This support may include:

  • Preparing small meals

  • Offering lactation support and education

  • Newborn education

  • Light cleaning and tidying

  • Running errands

  • Washing newborns laundry

  • ”Mom Care”

Travel fees: A fee of $10 per shift will be applied to your total for travel time and expenses

The Twin Nest


  • Postpartum support for up to 12 weeks postpartum

  • Bottle prep

  • Tandem nursing support

  • Assisting with light household chores

  • Light to moderate meal prep

  • Assistance with errands (ex: food shopping)

The Overnight Nest


Overnight postpartum doula support from 8 pm to 8 am. Your doula might:

Prepare small meals while you sleep

Tidy the home and nursery

Wash and fold newborns laundry

Take care of newborn: feedings, changing, soothing

Bring newborn to nursing parent at night

The Sibling Nest

$400 for up to 24 hours

Sibling doula for your home birth. Westchester and Putnam Counties only. **must be attended by a Certified Nurse Midwife. We do not attend unassisted births.**

The Standard Postpartum Nest


Support for up to 8 weeks postpartum.

Doula will perform light household chores as well as light meal prep or assisting with errands.

Bereavement Support      

Sliding Scale fee

A bereavement doula helps you cope with loss. This could be the loss of your life before baby, the loss of a loved one, miscarriage, stillbirth, or any grief you may experience throughout the perinatal term. This level of support is offered in-person, remotely via FaceTime, Skype, text or phone.

Lactation Counseling


Available by Zoom, FaceTime, and in the comfort of your home in Westchester County.

Clients receive 7 days of virtual support from the day of the consult. Additional virtual support available at a rate of $30/day by purchasing the Text Support plan.

*HH does not accept insurance for lactation services