Customized Birth Hypnosis Recordings

What is hypnosis? 

A highly focused state of concentration where the subconscious mind is more open to suggestion, rendering the mind unable to differentiate between thought and reality. 

Mind + Body Birth is a unique, science-based system of hypnosis plus childbirth education designed to help pregnant persons achieve a calm, confident birth. Packaging and individual recordings available. Each hypnosis will be completely customized and tailored to you.

$110: Individual Hypnosis Recordings

$500: Complete Series of 5 Customized Birth Hypnosis Recordings



Grounding © - The objective of this script is to suggest the power of gravity, which is useful for helping the body release the baby downward. It allows gestating persons to feel connected to, and supported by, a very strong force, and to imagine relaxing into it during birth.

Snowy Woods © - Mental Analgesic, using either a numbing cold or a soothing relaxing heat. 

Fear Release © - This module is geared toward identifying and dissolving the physical and emotional responses to concerns regarding pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the postpartum period. Fear Release opens the doors for positive thoughts and energy during labor.

Birth Journey © - a customized hypnosis, allowing you to envision your labor and birth, empowering you to be strong, to find your safe place and use all tools known to you to cope with the sensations and emotions of labor and birth. This hypnosis may induce labor, and is offered only after the 37th week of pregnancy.

Safe Place © - locating a place, can be real or imagined, that you associate with comfort and safety. A place you can go to in your mind whenever you need.